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Leslie: ACT & SAT Test Preparation

    "In the final stages of preparing for the ACT and SAT tests, I used project management to visualize my goal and prepare effectively. All my planning and preparation resulted in achieving the high scores which were a key factor in my admission to one of the top six universities worldwide."

Leslie C. LaGrange, Illinois USA

I used practice tests to estimate a score I felt I could achieve, and enrolled in ACT and SAT preparatory classes as part of my project start-up.

During my project planning, I first identified my stakeholders as teachers, family, and fellow test-takers. My schedule included dates and times for the preparatory classes, as well as test (and retake) dates. My estimate included the class and books, pencils, calculator, etc. needed for the class and test. The risk contingency consisted of going over a variety or problems to anticipate test difficulty and avoid surprises. I also made sure I had enough sleep and a good breakfast on the days of the tests.

The practice tests taken in the preparatory classes provided good progress markers (baseline) for my study and gave me a relative score to shoot for. When the test dates rolled around for the ACT and SAT, I felt confident and prepared.  The result of all of my planning and preparation were the high scores I had hoped to achieve and admission to one of the top six universities worldwide.

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