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Nick: Preparation for Wrestling Tournament

    "By using the project management process, I realized how much actually went into the intricate process of preparing to wrestle. Seeing as it was all second nature to me, this process has taught me and will hopefully inform others in how to successfully prepare themselves."

Nicholas L. Cary, Illinois USA

The Flow Chart below shows the steps to prepare for a wrestling tournament.  The wrestling match consists of three two-minute periods, a total of six minutes. A win is six points and awarded for pinning an opponent's both shoulders on the mat for a three count.  Other points are awarded as follows:

  • Back on the mat = 3-5 points
  • Reversal = 2 points
  • Escape = 1 point

When I developed the flow chart I recognized the risks and consequences of not following the plan or missing a step and the affect it had on my wrestling performance.


Plan and Control Flow Chart






Learn wrestling moves and holds



Practice moves and holds (every day 3+ hours)



Select Weight Category




Consequences of not following plan:


Get 8 to 10 hours sleep for more energy, quicker recovery

Little energy, will be tired and slow recovery between matches


Eat healthy breakfast for more energy, less fatigue (protein & carbos)

Little energy, stomach cramps, frequent bathroom visits


Pack lunch and snacks to sustain energy (oranges & Powerbars)

Slow recovery from fatigue, have "the shakes"


Pack wrestling shoes, singlet, headgear and knee pads

Not allowed to wrestle without gear


Get to school bus and sleep during ride to feel fresh and resiliant

Tired, bored


Weigh in

Over weight, go to bathroom, run, sweat


Eat snack: carbohydrates to combat fatigue and stay alert (carb bars, bananas, oranges)

Not alert, overcome by fatigue


Stretch, run, practice with teammates, get limber, get a sweat which means you're ready

Risk of injury, lose match


Wrestle six minute match



Review outcome, lessons learned

Make same mistakes in next wrestling match

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