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The Parthenon: Project Facts

A Greek temple built in Athens, Greece, 438 BC sitting atop the acropolis, it was designed by the architect Itkinos.

  • The construction of the Parthenon was managed by the sculptor Pheidias.
  • The building was constructed of white marble and painted sculptures and was 230 feet long and 100 feet wide.
  • Marble for the Parthenon came from Mount Pentelikon, 10 miles from Athens.
  • Wooden wedges were hammered into the marble. Water was poured on top. The wood swelled and the marble cracked.
  • Blocks of marble were cut by chipping grooves using mallets and chisels. Architects gave instructions for precise block sizes and shapes.
  • Corners were cut off the rough blocks leaving four projecting lugs to use for lifting.
  • The Parthenon appears to be made of straight lines. But in fact, almost everything about it is curved. This is not accidental.  The architects, knowing that our eyes sometimes plays tricks, planned the building to look straight, even if, when measured that straightness turned out to be an illusion.

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