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The Pyramids: Project Facts

Pyramids were magnificent feats of organization and engineering. A large pyramid could take longer than twenty years to build.

  • The first Egyptian pyramid was built at Saqqara for King Zosar.  It was called a step pyramid because of its shape.
  • Stonemasons used special rods to check that a stone block was accurately cut. Copper chisels and hard wooden mallets were used on limestone blocks and plumb lines made sure that the sides were straight.
  • The blocks stayed in the quarry until the flood season. Thanks to the floodwaters the barges with the stones were able to get close to the building site.
  • The Egyptians were highly skilled at fitting and polishing the casing stone blocks which were put in place once the pyramid had reached its designed height.
  • The Great Pyramid at Giza , 482 feet high (147 meters), built for King Khufu about 4,500 years ago was a straight-sided pyramid with casing blocks of limestone.
  • On the American continents about 150 BC the Mayan civilization built their version of the pyramids followed by the Aztecs 1200 AD and the Incas 1438 - 1532 AD.

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